Swimming, music and trapeze classes are all now available!

How it works?

  1. Looking to buy an experience as a gift for a Child and/or Family. Simply select the activity, add it to your cart and check out. You can download a gift certificate, if you like. Please note; There is no need to print this, this is only for those that would like to show the Child a nice gift certificate. This certificate will not give them entry into an attraction. They will need to email; info@caperly.com.au to book. 
  2. Or The birthday child and parent/guardian select the experiences they would like to receive as gifts. Add these to their own personal 'registry’ by creating a registry. Please also add contribution payments to your registry this is found under 'experiences'.
  3. Share the registry link with your party guests.
  4. Your party guests use the link to see the birthday child’s ‘wish list’. They decide on which activity they would like to purchase or contribute to as a present (No last-minute dash to the shops, saving time) and gift sorted!
  5. There is no fee to the birthday child's family nor to the guests buying a gift.
  6. The birthday child and parent/guardian are happy to have less stuff (don’t have to find a home for so many new toys), have no more double ups (sure we don’t already have monopoly, thanks ;) and get to enjoy something together as a family!
  7. Win, win for everyone :)