Gift Experiences are the Best Kids Gift!


Covid-19 update: Experience providers have been following their local government guidelines ensuring covid-19 measures are in place with checks, restrictions, booking times and adhering to regulations as they become available. We ask everyone to be a little more patience and follow the new changes as they happen, to keep everyone safe. If you have any concerns, please check with your state government, stay home is unwell. We are not liable for any changes, closures or alike.


  1. I have purchased an experience what do I do now? If the experience is for yourself simply choose when you would like to enjoy it and email your preferred date and time (if applicable) to
  2. Can I include a message if the experience is a gift? Yes, please add your personal message after your payment has been processed. The comment box is on the top right hand side at check out. 
  3. I have purchased an experience do I have to print the voucher? No, we encourage saving some trees when we can. If you would like to print the gift voucher to give as a gift of course that is fine too.
  4. What other way do you recommend giving a gift voucher? You could write a lovely message in a card or a book alternatively email the gift voucher direct to Giftee maybe with an e-card.
  5. Change of minds, Giftee would like to experience a different activity than what was given, is this possible? Yes, if you request the change prior to booking or using the gift voucher. If the price is different a credit will be supplied from Caperly, if the cost is over the gift voucher amount, Giftee will be required to cover the additional cost.
  6. What age do the activities cover? 1 -16 year of age.
  7. Does Caperly own, run or provide the activities? No, we do not. All activities are owned and run by the Company mentioned. We provide the streamline connection between the activity provider, child &family and their Friends and family purchasing.
  8. Are the activities safe? We deem all activities safe when the guidelines and instructions provided are followed and/or safety equipment is used correctly. Ensuring your child is within the suggested age group will assist with children’s limits. Some activities will require a parent’s signature to participate. All providers have insurance.
  9. Does a parent need to be present during the activity? Often yes, an adult should be supervising however this will depend on each activity. Please see the note for each activity.
  10. How does the price compare? All activities are the same price as the Suppliers price offered on their site (sometimes we can offer a lower price than direct). The benefit of booking with us is: Children can change their mind and select a different experience if they like (we all know kids do this a lot!). Our fun gift voucher design does not include a dollar value. All our experiences are tailored towards kids and their families. We aim to support small and/or locally own businesses where possible.


Please see the detailed T&C’s 

  1. Are refunds allowed? Before an activity has been booked, we can exchange to another activity of the same or less value. Once the activity has been booked there is no refund.
  2. We could not make it to our activity? Please email us and we will try our best to arrange another date. This is not guaranteed as the activities are operated by a Supplier. There could be a cancellation fee.
  3. The activity we want to book if sold out on our date? We suggest booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment. We will do our best to accommodate all requests however the activities are operated via a supplier.
  4. We did not book our activity within 12 months, can we still use it? After 12 months we cannot guarantee we will still be able to book your original activity. If the cost of the activity has gone up, you will need to cover the additional amount. You might need to use the amount on another activity however you can still use it up until 36months from purchase.

 For businesses that would like to work with us

  1. How can my business be included on the Caperly network? Please reach out via the ‘contact us’ page as we would love to hear from you or email us direct;