Gift Experiences are the Best Kids Gift!

My Story

Well Hello!

I'm Sara, a Mumma who believes the answer (or even the question) to everything comes in a cuddle. I love to play or should I say 'caper about' and we definitely do this every day. We love exploring and experiencing new fun things to do and its this passion to learn mixed with needing to accumulate less plastic stuff has driven me to create; Caperly.  

I am a greenie at heart, I have been using calico shopping bags for 20+ years and have been known to pick up someone else’s rubbish and tap them on the shoulder (I wouldn’t recommend letting them know)!

I have always thought about our impact and how to make a difference to our precious environment. I even hear my son say, “I don’t want to waste that”. We try to use all our recycling to make ‘crafty’ things to play with, how good is a large cupboard many uses!

I strive for a minimalist lifestyle but have a long way to go and lots to learn. Have a look at my first blog abut creating a simpler play space.

I continue to look forward to making a difference in people’s life’s whilst creating a positive change to help our blue planet and I cant wait to share this journey with you!

Join us help revolutionise the way we give Children gifts. 

Playfully Skip and Dance daily,


Lady with blonde hair snuggling into a child in her arms, both wearing grey tops with Sydney Harbour view in the background