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My Story


I'm Sara, a Mumma who believes the answer (or even the question) to everything comes in a cuddle. I love to play or should I say caper about and we definitely do this every day. I am happy to sit and play on the floor but prefer to skip and dance to any tune. I am very thankful children radio stations have been created and we don’t just listen to the same nursery rhymes on repeat.

I am a greenie at heart, I have been using calico shopping bags for 20+ years and have been known to pick up someone else’s rubbish and tap them on the shoulder (I wouldn’t recommend this)!

I have always thought about our impact and how to make a difference to our precious environment. I even hear my son say, “I don’t want to waste that”. We try to use all our recycling to make ‘crafty’ things to play with, how good is a large cupboard many uses!

I strive for a minimalist lifestyle but have a long way to go and lots to learn. Have a look at my first blog abut creating a simpler play space.

I am looking forward to making a difference in people’s life’s whilst creating a positive change to help our blue planet.

Playfully Skip and Dance daily!


Lady with blonde hair snuggling into a child in her arms, both wearing grey tops with Sydney Harbour view in the background