Gift Experiences are the Best Kids Gift!

Please… Stop giving our Kids plastic toys

Fast food Restaurants; stop with the plastic toys that come with Kids meals. Supermarkets; stop with all the plastic ‘collectables’ and Parents; stop with all the plastic party favours. Please… For the sake of the Children who receive these items, this planet belongs to them and you are contributing to their future!

One of my light bulb moments (and big push to create Caperly) occurred while we were playing with discarded plastic toys at an art Exhibition. The room had thousands, and thousands of small toys.  More than 80% of these toys were from McDonald's, all plastic and all thrown into landfill. Can you just imagine the amount of unnecessary plastic waste that is World-Wide?

Alternative; Decline the toy if you must eat there, if you never start giving them to your child, they may never know about them. Grill'd Burgers have a kid’s meal that comes with a wooden/cupboard toy that is also wrapped in paper.

Action; Sign this petition; created by Ella and Caitlin aged 9 and 7. They had been learning about the terrible affects on these toys and decided to do something about it.


Coles certainly felt the outrage of their Customers when they banned/unbanned charged/didn’t charge for plastic bags. The backlash continued when they introduced free plastic toys! I cannot see their justification that Children will collect them, so the plastic doesn’t matter. My son has collected sticks before, that lasted a few days before he realised it was easier to carry rocks. Children will play with what is available to them and will move on to the next item very quickly. These “collectables” will last on this planet longer than the amount of time the Children will play with them.  The Little Shop items have been found on beaches as far as Bali!

Alternative; Don’t shop there. If you have too, say no to any plastic they try to give you.

Action; Write to Coles even on their social media pages expressing your concern and your choice to shop elsewhere. Please sign and share this petition I created after hearing the news that Coles is bringing out another set of 'collectables'.


Ahh, lastly the goodie bags.. I love the nostalgia of a goodie bag (party favour) you sometimes receive as a gift as the party is wrapping up. Most of the time , 9/10 they are an actual plastic bag; sure, they are cute and colourful, but it’s used just once for a very brief moment. I realise it is a little more difficult to have naked lollies (not individually wrapped) but you can cut down on the total plastic waste with the plastic trinkets or junk toys. Again, these types of toys break so easily and end in landfill before the party guests even gets home.

Alternative; Don’t offer a party bag, if you don’t start off doing this then it will become the norm. Allow kids to take home the left-over choccie crackles or cake. Ditch the plastic bag, I only use paper bags (you know the brown lunch bags we got our sandwiches in as kids), this year I turned this into an activity. Party guests got to create their best bag by drawing all over it.

Action; Look for lollies with the least amount of plastic packaging. I found foil wrapped chocolates. Skip the items that you do buy in the party section of stores its plain junk, if you really want to give out toys buy ones that will last, wooden ones, metal cars or look for pencils and stationary items.


It’s time for Parents and Grandparents to think before they buy and not just push the blame onto large Companies. Every single person needs to use their voice when it comes to spending. Say no to plastic, any and every type of plastic you can. Reduce the amount you buy and take a few minutes to think about what your Child’s future will look like?

Playfully skip and dance daily,