Gift Experiences are the Best Kids Gift!

Five of the best Christmas gift ideas for Children

Christmas gift ideas for Children

Before rushing to the shops to buy the biggest, brightest or the latest gadget to hit the shelf, I want to implore you to take a walk down memory lane and think about what you loved and cherished the most when you were a child?

Do you remember all the toys you were given? No way, that’s just not possible certainly not with the number of toys children receive! Do you even remember playing with at least some of them? Well maybe, especially if it was a bigger item or one that you had dreamed about for months prior. I recall receiving a long–awaited Cabbage Patch Doll one Christmas, I was over the moon with excitement that I finally had this doll. I wouldn’t have noticed any other presents this day, this one gift would have been very adequate, and this here could be the key to our over consuming ways…Children do not need so many toys! Buy less and enjoy, treasure them more?!

Perhaps you fondly look back at a summer holidays going camping, visiting relatives, exploring a new place or you might recall the first time you rode the Ferris wheel, completed a 100 piece puzzle by yourself or dived in the deep-end of the pool? These are all wonderful memories of your childhood so why not ditch or limit the toys and make memories with your kids instead?


Here are my top 5 best ideas to buy Children, and even some Adults!

  1. Experiences – are hands down the best gift you can give! All parents dread the aftermath of Chrissy with the ‘where am I going to put all of that new stuff’ whereas an experience is something children can to do over those summer months. Parents often also start to run out of ideas of what to do during the school holidays, so this is a huge win win for everyone! Make memories together as a family, visit Luna Park for a day, wildlife park tickets are one of the most popular gifts.  Learn something new during the holidays or sign up for classes throughout the school year. Caperly has you covered here with an online platform that busy families are welcoming with big bear hugs. It offers a variety of unique activities for Children like; music and art classes or rope courses, trapeze class and tickets to the aquarium for families in Sydney.
  2. Outdoor equipment – especially for tweens, those who would normally spend too much time on a screen! Think big if it’s your own child…a scooter, roller skates or a bike, how much did you love the freedom of having no training wheels or being able to ride to your friend’s house? A trampoline is a neighbourly invitation to play! Or if buying for someone else’s Children how about a skipping rope, cricket set (not a plastic one) or even a Frisbee.
  3. Puzzles & Board-games – perfect for needing some ‘quiet’ play, learning to share or for a family fun night. How often have you thought “we need something to do as a family after dinner, before bed that doesn’t involve the tv?” ta…da perfect present! My top choices that double up as easy to pack for holidays; (depending on ages) Jenga & Uno. I recently discovered a connect 4 game that was made from wood, be sure to skip the over the top plastic games that will break before the silly season has wrapped up.
  4. School or craft supplies- straight after Christmas comes ‘back to school’ advertising, look out for ethically or locally made backpacks & pencil cases. A special refillable pen (tip here is to also buy & gift the refills at the same time so the person knows & uses) or wooden pencil-highlighters, a very new and ‘green’ alternative to plastic ones. Almost anything can be used for craft time have you seen biodegradable glitter, beeswax crayons or recycled paper.
  5. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a toddler or preschooler, I suggest any wooden open-ended toys - these tend to allow for their imagination to thrive. You won’t find any buttons to make it move, make any noise nor light up, let the child create and learn those skills themselves. Have you heard of a wobble/balance board, a rainbow set, blocks or a fairy garden will all work wonders for this age group to play freely?


It’s a long hot summer over Aussie school holidays so think about items that will be useful, enjoyed for months, that can be shared with friends, these will have the kids smiling ear to ear! Let’s go back to the basics and forget the over-the-top plastic toys, lets buy quality over quantity, lets buy less. Let’s make Christmas about family and friends getting together and not who got what. I would also like to encourage you to think ‘green’ before buying too much plastic or excessive packaging, the children receiving these gifts will thank you in their future.

Playfully, skip and dance,