Gift Experiences are the Best Kids Gift!

Caperly is one!

Yes, Caperly is turning one! This time last year I was frantically preparing for my second child, by business.

I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my business certificate and ensuring social names were available (why couldn’t they make all the requirements the same?)! and conducting as much research as possible. Asking yes, this time round I asked for help with ideas, tips and naming. I even read a few books, watched loads of videos all to be the best, most well-equipped and prepared entrepreneur.


But my business idea has been in the making for many years prior to this first year of business. A few years ago, when my son approached his first birthday, I thought about reaching out to an online wooden toy store to see if they would be interested in a gift registry type of thing. We didn’t want to end up with an overwhelming number of toys especially plastic ones. I never got organised enough to arrange it (luckily for me now). The idea was firmly on my mind and as each birthday and Christmas rolled around this idea would grow a little more.

My light-bulb moment occurred whilst experiencing an art exhibition; Jurassic plastic. A Japanese artist; Hiroshi Fuji created 3D dinosaurs from recycling or up-cycling plastic toys. I couldn’t help but think about the number of plastic toys, the amount of unwanted plastic toys in just that room all of which would have been sitting in landfill…Imagine how many per child/ family, per city that adds up too! We enjoyed playing with these discarded toys but at what cost? These toys are played with for such a short amount of time, outgrown, broken, discarded hopefully some are given as hand-me-downs but yet their lifespan continues on forever... Click here to watch City of Sydney's video of the exhibition;

I knew standing in that room that I had to offer a solution to the quantity and over consumption of plastic toys that occurs today. My previously occupations had me showing off the best of what Australia has to offer and seeing the joy that brings is priceless. This also taught me that the most valuable part of Childhood is playing and that there is no better way to learn than to experience something firsthand. Combine this with want, drive and a big splash of 'green' in me, I had to take the leap. With the rise of minimalist lifestyles and hearing of families selling everything to travel, to make memories instead of collecting things I was certain the idea would take off.


My vision is for everyone to experience more and consume less. To play daily or to caper about. 

Caperly keeps me up and sometimes still wakes me up at night, even as a one year old. It brings me so much joy knowing I am positively contributing to a better future for our Children. It is challenging at times, frustrating even but this just encourages me to keep growing and pushing those creative ideas into something meaningful.

Playfully skip and dance daily,