Gift Experiences are the Best Kids Gift!

Be a Grandparent for a day...

Have you already looked forward to being a grandparent? Yes…me too! I do this daydreaming about giving my grandchildren all my attention, my undivided attention to play and see the world through their eyes. Then I stop and think, hey…why not do this now, I have a young child who wants me to play so why am I dreaming about the future when I can be living this right now!

So I decided to sit back and watch what grandparents do or even an aunt/uncle they come over for a short period of time and they give it their all…they play. Yes, its easier for them as they normally only see their grandkids for a little while and then get to go on their merry way, but you can mimic them for a few hours.

Here’s my number 1 tip – get out of the house! Seems simple but if you find it hard to sit on the floor to play because you can see the long list of housework that needs to be done…get out and explore then you will not see nor think about it, the house stuff will simply wait.  I find it a lot easier to be in the moment while out and about.

Experience something new, a day at the zoo or aquarium is fun for all ages. Every time we are on public transport we get chatting to grandparents & the children whom are on their way to a museum or exhibit (be THAT grandparent). Sometimes just a trip on public transport is an outing, try a ferry ride or one that is different to what you often take.


Set a play date just for you and your child, if you have more than one child do this for each child separately (I’m not saying every week, the idea is not to stress about it but to make sure it happens occasionally). This could be a play at the local park followed by ice-cream. Be a kid again and play at the park so choose which playground or equipment you would like to play with. Yes, I am normally that mum at the playground on the free swing next to my child or chasing them down the slide.

When the housework’s gets overwhelming do it, it is good for the kids to play alone sometimes or make housework a game to play with your kids. Garden, cook together, sorting the washing is, in my eye ‘accidental learning’ that can be fun at the same time.

Anytime my daydream of being a knitting, jazzercizing, bee-keeping, lycra-wearing granny appears (yes, this is how I see my old-self) I stop and try and be that granny now. Give it a try…be a grandparent for a day or even just half a day, you and your child will have so much fun, you will want to make it a regular thing.

Playfully skip and dance daily,