Gift Experiences are the Best Kids Gift!

7 Of the Best Gift Ideas for Children

This is a must read for anyone wanting to give a child a gift. Children are becoming overwhelmed with the number of toys they receive at their Birthdays and at Christmas time. Take a few minutes to think before you run out to the shops and get dazed by all the choices, colours and flashing lights!


Firstly; The more natural the product the better, for both the environment and for the child. Choose wooden toys, go back to basics. Long-lasting, open ended toys that will engage kids for longer and will encourage the use of their imaginations.

Second; Read the toy box age guideline. I know this sounds stupid but there is a reason for these guidelines, toys should help children grow and develop. At different ages they will want to explore and play with challenging yet interesting toys. If it is too difficult or too easy, they lose interest or will get frustrated. If in doubt buy the next age up, parents can always put it away for a few months.

Third; Skip the latest trends, you might get a huge smiling face saying “thank you”  but it is short lived as these items are usually cheap plastic toys that break very quickly and/or are replaced by the next ‘big thing’ within months (if you’re lucky!).

Fourth; Avoid any toy that requires batteries…argh the amount of batteries is crazy! Children learn through play and a toy that does everything for them means they are not learning to play; they are simply pressing buttons.


Fifth; No more soft toys, plush toys, teddy bears. Whilst a cute bunny might seem like an ideal gift, there is just no need to have so many. Most children have a favourite or maybe 2 or 3 but I’ve seen beds overflowing, rooms with no space to move because of soft teddies. The other big problem here is, they can not be donated to Charities for health reasons and they are generally made from plastic.

Sixth; Looking for a sentimental gift, look no further than a book or a collection of the classics.

Lastly; Ask the parents if there is something the Child would like/need or better still buy the family an experience. All Children love exploring so try tickets to a Museum, Zoo or Aquarium or weekly lessons to learn something new. Busy families are welcoming Caperly’s online Children’s Gift Registry with open arms to assist with the toy overload.

Conscious Shopping and gift giving in one. I know, I don’t enjoy going shopping every other weekend of gifts (that might not be liked).


 Playfully Skip and Dance Daily,